♦ The Making: Final Video Project (3 of 3)

On Day 3, I compiled all the videos filmed from my iphone and started editing.

I first sequenced all the clips together so that the lengths were appropriate and fit the song. I then added black and white filters to the entire video and typed up the subtitles for the lyrics of the song. The final rendering of the video was pretty good!

editing 1editing 2


♦ The Making: Final Video Project (2 of 3)

On Day 2, Lion DEy got together to film the music video and record the song.

We filmed all the scenes in chronological order according to the storyboard and recorded all our verses to the instrumental on this day.


♦ The Making: Final Video Project (1 of 3)

On Day 1, Lion DEy got together to plan our storyboard for the video. We brainstormed ideas and decided we would make a music video for a love-related song.

We chose the instrumental (with hook), Wale – Bad (Feat. Tiara Thomas)


We decided to have three verses (Yoojeong, me and Kyungmin) about a triangular relationship that does not work out in the end. Yoojeong, Kyunhee and Jewoong would act mostly throughout the music video.


♦ Language of Film: Lion DEy – Shots (Video Project #2)

What shot: This is a medium shot that shows what is being done in the scene. Here we show the person using the computer from a medium length of distance.

How shot: This is a collection of cuts of close up shots to show a specific process. Here we show the person turning on the computer, using the mouse and keyboard to type up a document.

Reaction shot: This is a use of close up shots that show the specific expressions and emotion changes in people’s faces. Here we show the bright smiling faces of people when greeting each other.